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ACES fifth-grade students create Geometricity

Kamryn Moon built a Shogun Bistro, and Elaine Cook constructed a convention center.
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After completion of units in perimeter, area and volume, fifth-grade math teachers (Ms. Madison Allen & Mrs. Sydney Humphress) gave their classes the assignment of building a city.  

By using a cardboard box (cereal, shoe or snack), students were to measure the box and calculate perimeter, area and volume of the building.  After the calculations, students were to decorate and name the building. Pictured are just a few of the city buildings.

Kayden Johnson built a Twin Tower, Evrett Streeval built Happy Cow Café, Carson Darnell constructed a baseball stadium, and Molly Froedge constructed Pop’s.
Kamryn Moon and Elaine Cook even got together and advertised for each other’s businesses.
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