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ADAIR DRUG TUESDAY: It’s National Simplicity Day

Good morning again, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for including us in your morning routine.

Today is Tuesday, but it’s a special one, and not only because it’s National Simplicity Day (more on that in a bit). Today is Adair Drug Tuesday here on The County Line. We’re proud to celebrate our first ever day-of-the-week sponsor, and thank them for their support of this website. Adair Drug is conveniently located at 510 Burkesville Street in Columbia or can be reached by phone at 270-384-9999 — an easy number to remember if there ever was one.

Back to the lecture at hand: As stated above, today is National Simplicity Day. It may seem counterintuitive to add another faux holiday into the 365-day mix in an effort to promote “simplicity,” but I’m actually here for this one. Simplicity is something everyone claims to want but no one really behaves that way in real life. 

We say we’d love to live self-sufficiently and off the grid, but we also can’t keep three tomato plants alive and complain about it being 73 degrees when the thermostat is clearly set to 71. We’re hypocrites. 

That’s okay, though. We can be hypocritical about our desire for simplicity and still make small strides toward that goal. I think a good start is savoring the small things: a good meal, nice weather, a comfortable recliner, a day with no obligations or plans or responsibilities. These are steps toward simplicity.

Conversely, something else we can do in this effort is avoid the things that complicate our lives. I don’t really know how best to explain this one other than to say this: Avoid the spices section of the grocery store unless you know for sure what you need, in which case, grab it and bounce. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me, wondering how I ever ended up with a big jar of ground coriander and what in the world I’ll ever do with it. Just avoid everything coriander-like and you’re well on your way.

Here’s another one: If your front-yard landscaping requires near-daily manual maintenance to keep it looking right, you might have overdone it. Who needs that kind of extra obligation, all in an effort to keep grass and weeds from growing in soil that is begging for grass and weeds to grow?

Now that I’ve lowkey insulted people with robust spice racks AND well-manicured yards, let’s move on to our quote of the day, appropriately themed for today’s fake holiday:

“The less I needed, the better I felt.” – Charles Bukowski

The words feel so true, yet none of us will take them seriously. At least we can feign an effort and then pretend most of our problems and stresses aren’t self-inflicted.

The intern is off today, so today’s weather is short and to the point: It’s hot, it’s going to be hotter, and it might storm. Plan accordingly.

That’s it for now. Check back throughout the day for more (and more serious) content, always from local voices. Thanks for reading and thanks to Adair Drug for bringing this post to you this morning. 

Until next time… 

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