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And the winner is…

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The time has come, ladies and gentlemen. 

A month ago, we set out to add as many names as possible to The County Line’s birthday and anniversary calendars, and—thanks to our friends at Splash Carwash—we entered every name who submitted a birthday to us into a drawing. If someone submitted a spouse’s birthday as well, he or she was entered twice, and sending an anniversary added one another chance at winning.

The effort was a success, with more than 100 people sending us their special dates. Counting spouses’ and children’s birthdays, as well as the anniversaries sent to us, we added almost 200 dates to our calendar. Yesterday, we threw all the names into a hat (some names multiple times, for those who added dates for spouses and/or anniversaries) and drew the winner: Heather Willis Ford.

Heather will receive tokens good for 26 car washes at any and all Splash locations. That’s one wash every two weeks for an entire year. We thank everyone who participated for making this effort a success, and give a special tip-of-the-hat to Splash Carwash for providing the prize for this contest.

This is as appropriate of a time as any to check in on today’s birthdays. We’re sending out a trio of special “happy birthday” wishes to Brady Cundiff, Karen Wade Loveless, and Andrea Feese today.

If that last name looks familiar (especially the last last name), it’s because she’s married to the guy writing this post, and for that alone she probably deserves some kind of award. Somehow, however, Mrs. Feese does more than tolerate me, and I’d be remiss to say I wasn’t thankful for the many times she goes above and beyond for me. “Daily” would fail to convey how regular of an occurrence this is. In fact, she’s done a lot of work on this very website that she would never want credit or recognition for, but without which I’d be pretty much lost.

If you happen to see Andrea out today, tell her to go back to work, but then tell her “happy birthday!”

Let’s check in with the intern for a weather report:

At 6:15 a.m., it’s already 64 degrees at The County Line’s headquarters in Russell Springs. Intern correspondents in Jamestown and Columbia report current temperatures of 64 and 66 degrees, respectively. Today will be cloudy and hot, with a high topping 80 degrees. There’s a chance of rain or thunderstorms beginning early to mid-afternoon and continuing into tomorrow morning.

Thanks for joining us this morning and check back with us for more content headed your way throughout the day, including a brand-new “So Right It’s Wrong” with the one-and-only Craig Clark.

Downey Eye Clinic
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