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April 26: Celebrate pets (and kids)

Good morning and happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen; thanks for taking your coffee with The County Line. 

Today is April 26, and that means it’s National Kids and Pets Day. Two worthy causes for celebration if there ever were a pair, this is one of my favorite pseudo-holidays to date because it takes the opposite approach of many we’ve encountered. 

This is a case of two worthwhile semi-holidays in their own right getting shoehorned together for some reason. While we often see a not-even-popular food or reason to raise awareness for such-and-such be made into its own day, this is probably the first one this year where two markedly different subjects are shoved together, like the old Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection tag team of The Rock and Mick Foley. Seems like they’re better off as singles.

I’m right here, right? Are kids and pets close enough in responsibility (and costs, and rewards of putting up with it all) for them to be lumped into a single day? Let us know what you think (email us at countyline@adair-russell.com or send us a Facebook message). Or maybe I’m off base completely and today is supposed to be about kids and their pets, which would make more sense if it weren’t so poorly named. Regardless, I’m not doing the research to confirm either way, purely out of fear I’m wrong. 

There’s a secondary holiday worth mentioning today as well, and that’s National Pretzel Day. It’s hard to argue that pretzels are more important than kids or pets (hence it not getting top billing), but pretzels are an all-time top 10 snack. Whether it’s the soft ones from the mall or at a ball game, or the bag of gum-cutters you can get at a dollar store, and whether you go with some mustard and cheese dip or eat them plain, pretzels are hard to beat and I’ll die on that hill. 

Moving on, let’s check in with the intern for today’s weather:

At 6:15 a.m., it’s currently a cool, cloudy 49 degrees at The County Line’s Adair office in Columbia. Intern correspondents in Russell Springs and Jamestown report current temps of 50 degrees in each location. The high today will top out around 60 degrees, with clouds parting by midday and plenty of sunshine expected this afternoon.

We’ve got a lot of great content headed your way today, including a mental health check-in with Shayla and Burgess, local sports coverage, and—possibly—the debut of an exciting new recurring segment on The County Line. Thanks for reading, and we hope you check back with us soon!

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