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THE ART OF BINGE WATCHING: Picks for the weekend

Jordan and the interns slogged through everything bad on TV so you don't have to

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Hopefully, you’ve had some time to work your way through the Top 100 list we gave you earlier in the summer and also managed to enjoy the previous red-hot week with “Woodstock ’99” and “Black Bird.” 

Good news: This week is even better. 

As the fall television season approaches, we at the TAOBW anticipate several hit shows being released in late 2022. The first is definitely “House of the Dragon”—we will delve back into that topic again this week. Peacock will drop a gift on our doorsteps this week, albeit a scary gift wearing a white mask that might throw you in the back of a creepy van. 

In other good news, we got to watch Kentucky Basketball win on television four times last week while no one paid attention due to the ongoing issues with John Calipari, Mitch Barnhart, and Mark Stoops. Thank them if you couldn’t focus during the Bahamas invitational. I’d just like to point out that those three will make a combined $16 million next year, so one would assume they could find a way to shake hands and do what’s right: win games, count your money, and beat Louisville forever. 

Let’s watch some television… 


Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist (Netflix): Do you remember the name Manti Teo? I do. If you think this is a sports documentary, you’re wrong. The story of Manti Teo isn’t a story about him being an all-American football player for Notre Dame and it’s not about him having an NFL football career. 

Netflix’s recent release gives us an in-depth look at the first person we all knew to be “catfished.” Teo’s story is about as unreal and mind-blowing as anything you’ll ever watch on that TV box of yours. In 2022, we all have that friend that gets catfished by thinking he’s dating a supermodel or sends money to a man in Nashville who keeps having “car trouble.” I just got finished watching this a few minutes before press time, and despite thinking I knew the details, I did not know the entire story. It’s somehow more interesting now due to some recent developments. This two-part documentary is currently streaming on Netflix and is a perfect way to get pumped up for online dating.  

The Black Phone (Peacock): If you see the word “Blumhouse” associated with the film you’re watching, I can just about guarantee you entertainment and some horror. Blumhouse productions will be the first to tell you that they don’t try to win awards with every film, but instead look to entertain. They will probably win some awards on the way (maybe an MTV award—let’s not get this twisted). “The Black Phone” stars Ethan Hawke as he plays “The Grabber”—a child abductor prowling the streets of Denver circa 1978. Watch this one soon, if you’re into the horror/thriller genre, you will love it.

Joe Pickett (Paramount+): Paramount has given us one of the bigger surprises since we broke ground here at TAOBW. One of our biggest fans wrote from Bowling Green recently to tell us about “Joe Pickett” and I honestly went into it a little hesitant. This is a neo-Western crime drama about a Wyoming game warden who moves his family to an idyllic mountain community, only to find that it’s not that idyllic. Isn’t that a shocker?  

I recently described this show as “Justified” at “Yellowstone” except without anyone as famous as Costner. “Joe Pickett” has a strong plot with several twists along the way. 

Licorice Pizza (Amazon Prime): A comedy drama isn’t what I normally get into, but here I am. TAOBW is always willing to show their softer side and admit that “Licorice Pizza” is a good movie. Written and directed by Hollywood super-director Paul Thomas Anderson (of Boogie Nights” and “There Will be Blood” fame), “Licorice Pizza” feels like a throwback to everything we used to love about watching television. The film follows the development of a young couple’s relationship in 1970’s America. The period piece stars Sean Penn, Tom Waits and Bradley Cooper, who will play a human being in this film instead of Chris Pratt’s rat sidekick.

House of the Dragon (HBO): Last week, we discussed how important HBO’s newest show is to the “Game of Thrones” franchise. We also discussed the plot of the newest show. This is more of a reminder that the story of the Targaryen Civil War and the pursuit of the iron throne starts on Sunday night on HBO Max (and the actual HBO channel for the 33 of you that still have channels). 

“House of the Dragon” is already getting rave reviews from critics who have been allowed an early look. The interns must have lost my invitation to this one, so I’ll be watching with you guys on Sunday night. 

In other “Game of Thrones”-related news:

I stopped a lady on the square yesterday (Editor’s note: We did NOT ask Jordan to do this). She was wearing a “Game of Thrones” shirt, so I asked who her three favorite characters were for article. She told me: “Jorah, Tyrion and Brienne.” I then went around the corner to enjoy a Pollo El Camino, but I kept thinking about the “Game of Thrones” fan liking the tallest, shortest, and most boring characters in the show—then it hit me. I think we all enjoyed the series for completely different reasons, completely different emotions overtook each of us as we watched, some rooting for good and some for bad. Strange lady, but I understood her point. 


Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions (HBO): If you don’t know the Detroit Lions head football coach, Dan Campbell, you need to. Hard Knocks has really fallen off over the last few years, but it makes a triumphant return this season with a Lions coaching staff that is as entertaining to watch as any previous characters I remember from the franchise’s glory days. To be clear, I mean the “Hard Knocks” franchise, not Detroit’s franchise, because they obviously have never had glory days. 

The Detroit Lions have long struggled, and this season might be one of their better chances to return to a little bit of prominence. New episodes come out on Tuesday nights, but the first two episodes are streaming now on HBO. 

NFL Football: The NFL is back and I’m going to use this space to tell you that there will be NFL preseason football on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night on cable television, as well as some streaming apps. Keep your eyes peeled for a Fantasy Football preview coming out soon here at The County Line from yours truly. There’s no doubt I’m the best fantasy football player (with help from the interns) in the city of Columbia and I’m finally willing to share some of my secrets.

Readers are encouraged to send suggestions for “The art of binge watching” and/or tell Jordan how you really feel about his what-to-watch picks via email at Jordanwillis5393@gmail.com

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