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Columbia Council looks to regulate charity roadblocks

The Columbia City Council meeting, April 4, 2022. From left: Councilors Dr. Ronald Rogers, Robert Flowers, and Mark Harris; City Clerk Woody Sharpe, Mayor Pam Hoots, and City Attorney Derrick Helm; and Councilors Linda Waggener and Sharon Payne.
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The Columbia City Council met for a brief edition of its monthly session Monday evening at City Hall. With few items on the agenda, the most noteworthy action might have been the return to the regular council room following renovations, after several months of meeting in the building’s basement.

Councilman Robert Flowers raised a note of concern over a recent charity roadblock conducted by an out-of-town charity, collecting money roadside without clearing the drive with local authorities, causing confusion since the out-of-towners’ visit overlapped with local fundraising efforts.

Flowers asked City Attorney Derrick Helm to draw up an ordinance restricting road-block solicitation to pre-approved organizations. Helm agreed, saying that such allowances should be limited regardless, because they could present safety issues.

“I’ll give you a call, and we’ll get something drafted,” Helm told Flowers.

In other action at Monday’s meeting:

• The council approved second and final reading of an ordinance increasing the mayor’s salary to $40,000 per year beginning with the next mayoral term. The change includes a stipulation that the salary “shall automatically increase annually in conjunction with the consumer price index.”

Flowers moved to accept second reading, Dr. Ronald Rogers seconded, and the motion passed without argument, 5-0.

• The council approved acceptance of a sealed bid to purchase a dump truck. The truck, a 2018 model, has 35,000 miles on the odometer and a price tag of $62,500. Flowers made the motion to accept the bid, and the council voted 5-0 in agreement.

Mayor Hoots said that the truck would be utilized by all city departments, but primarily the Gas Dept. and Street Dept. The action came with the stipulation that two older trucks be listed as surplus and be auctioned.

• The council approved the donation of a 2014 Dodge Charger to the Adair 911 Center, to be used for mapping. Mapping coordinator Derrick Murphy was in attendance at the meeting and thanked the council for the vote.

“We definitely appreciate it,” Murphy said. “It will help us do our jobs better and that will help first responders get to where they need to go as fast as possible. It will really have an impact for the community.”

Prior to the meeting’s start, Rogers requested a moment of silence, which was observed, for the people of Ukraine, saying he “felt called” to acknowledge the turmoil overseas. 

“My heart just goes out to the people and the whole situation over there,” Rogers said. 

All councilors were present for the meeting with the exception of Craig Dean.

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