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DYLAN GENTRY: Make your next work meeting healthier

Dylan Gentry
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It seems like we see the typical donuts and pastries at every work meeting we attend. This can be trouble for individuals trying to maintain a healthy diet, considering a single donut or pastry could contain 300 calories or more. Next time, try serving some healthier food options. Below are some suggestions for healthier snacks for any time of day.

• Pass the water. Be sure to have cups on hand for a water fountain or bottled water as a beverage option. Bypass the sugar-sweetened beverages including soda and fruit juices.

• Washed, fresh fruit such as apples, bananas and grapes require very little preparation. Fruit trays with sliced fruit and dip are easy, great for any time of day and can satisfy any sweet tooth.

• Veggie trays, including raw carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli or tomatoes, are great for a meeting over lunch and can be served with a low-fat dip or hummus.

• Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, are easy to store, prepare and have a variety of health benefits. Although they are very nutritious, be mindful they have high caloric content so providing nuts in an individual serving may be helpful in controlling portion size. Keep in mind, nut allergies are common.

• Whole-grain crackers are great with hummus or low-fat cheeses and are a hearty option for lunch or afternoon meetings.

• Look for creative ways to make your meetings more physically active, such as taking a “walking meeting” or building in stretch/walk breaks for participants.

For more information on healthy eating and lifestyle habits, contact the Adair County Extension Cooperative Extension Service.

Source: Heather Norman-Burgdolf, UK Extension Specialist in Food and Nutrition

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