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Earth Day 2022

We’ve made it through another week, ladies and gentlemen! It’s finally Friday, so thanks for kicking off your weekend with The County Line. 

Today is Earth Day, a worldwide celebration dating back more than a half-century, meant to promote awareness for the health of our environment. We can all do our part to help protect the planet from destruction wrought by humans. Currently, approximately one million species are at serious risk of extinction within the next couple decades, according to a report from the UN. 

This is a crisis that no one person can solve. Even experts do not always agree on what should be done. I suggest we all find small ways to help. There are easy changes we can make that — if we were all to do these simple things — would make a huge difference. 

Here are a few simple, easy ideas (nothing groundbreaking here — most of these things we learned in elementary school, but it’s easy to forget): Recycle. Volunteer for cleanups or pick up litter on the side of the road every now and then. Conserve water (there are a several small ways to do this). Choose sustainable materials over throwaway, single-use items. Buy biodegradable. Use long-lasting lightbulbs. Plant a tree. Buy non-toxic cleaning supplies. Walk more, drive less. 

None of these changes on their own, or made by one person, is going to do anything measurable to help our environment. If, however, enough people make enough small changes, big things can happen. This is a human issue, not a political one. No one likes seeing trash on the side of their road, and no one wants to see animals die out because their habitat has been destroyed or their food source compromised because of humans’ negligence. This is a cause we should all be able to get behind. (Here’s a tip of the hat to William Feese for the suggestion on today’s topic.)

Let’s check in with the intern for today’s weather:

At 6 a.m., it’s 57 degrees at company headquarters in Russell Springs, and intern correspondents in Jamestown and Columbia report thermometer readings of 57 and 58 degrees, respectively. We’re looking at a hotter one than we’ve been accustomed to lately, with clouds parting in the early afternoon and a high-topping 80 degrees across The County Line coverage area. 

We have plenty of great content headed your way today, including a recap of state Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles visit at Adair County High School yesterday, a look at local sports, and a new Mental Health Check-in with Shayla & Burgess. Jordan Willis is also back this week, bringing you a new edition of The Art of Binge Watching later this morning. 

We don’t have any birthdays to report today, but there’s still time to submit yours for a chance to win free car washes for an entire year, thanks to our friends at Splash Carwash. Just visit The County Line’s Facebook page, and read the top post to find out how to win!

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Wes Feese is one of this company's owners and founders. He has previously worked as an editor, news reporter, sportswriter, photographer, and freelance contributor for newspapers across central Kentucky. He grew up in the Egypt community of Adair County and is a graduate of Adair County High School and Lindsey Wilson College.