Everything is Science: The Elements of Life

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The University of Kentucky Public Relations & Strategic Communications Office provides a weekly health column available for use and reprint by news media. This week’s column is by Michelle Pitts, a pharmaceutical sciences post-doctoral fellow.

Aspects of science and research touch our lives every day, but all too often as adults we forget the sense of wonder and interest that we may have had in science when we were children. Everything is Science, Lexington’s free community science festival, aims to bring some of that back into our lives. Called EiS for short, the festival has evolved into an opportunity for adults to exercise their brains in a casual atmosphere- local breweries and pubs, ask questions, and generally learn about something they might not have encountered in daily life.

“We are excited to be back for 2022 and partnering with some very fun venues, including two new spots- Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone and Old North Bar at Greyline Station,” said graduate student organizer Rupinder Kaur.

The 2022 festival will run from Feb 21-25 and features an overall theme of “The Elements of Life,” with five nights of talks from experts and enthusiasts on topics ranging from water access and sustainability, to imaging the heart, to the physics of music.

Talks are short, running just 20-25 minutes with no slides, structured for anyone to understand, and questions for speakers are highly encouraged. EiS is run out of UK’s College of Pharmacy and has branched out in recent years to encompass more than just the usual white-coat science, aiming to include language, literature, music, and more.

Speakers from the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, Eastern Kentucky University and numerous local businesses have contributed, and this year will also feature several UK students. All events will take place from 6-9 pm each night, food options will be available, and events are open to all ages, but targeted toward adults.

Details are listed below, and speaker lists can be found at eis.createuky.net.

Monday, February 21: Earth | West Sixth Brewing

Tuesday, February 22: Water | Rock House Brewing

Wednesday, February 23: Heart | Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone

Thursday, February 24: Fire | Old North Bar at Greyline Station

Friday, February 25: Wind | Pivot Brewing

Downey Eye Clinic
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