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Free COVID-19 tests available for all Russell County residents

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Free COVID-19 testing is currently available for all Russell County residents, as well as non-residents who work inside the county.

Funded through state grants and approved by the Russell Springs City Council and the Russell County Fiscal Court, the free testing program is administered by Envivo Health. Envivo is located at 7 Jamestown Street in Russell Springs, inside the Cornerstone Diagnostics building. 

“They’re welcome to come to our facility. Just come by — we have six or seven parking spaces out front with signs designated for testing,” says Jeff Padilla, district business manager. “The sign has an 800 number on it that you call and tell them what spot you’re in, and then they’ll come out and do the test.”

Both rapid and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are available. 

“If you do the rapid test, you get a result right then,” Padilla says, “and if you did a PCR, you’ll get that result within 24 hours. We have a lab in Jamestown.”

Testing is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The program is currently offered through June, but Padilla expects that date to be extended. 

“It’s available for everyone; they just have to be a visitor or a citizen of Russell County,” Padilla says. “Say a person lives in Adair County, but works over here with us in Russell County, they can get tested, because they would be considered a contractor or visitor of the county.”

Envivo Health underwent a name and organizational change at the beginning of 2022 but is operating the program under its former name because that’s the name that was used when the company entered the testing contract.

“We used to be called Envivo Health, which was the workplace side of testing and drug testing, and PremierTox used to be our laboratory,” Padilla says. “We changed our name to Cornerstone Diagnostics to have everything under one umbrella instead of having two different companies or two different entities — we went to one. But this contract, whenever we filled it out last year and got awarded the contract, it was under Envivo Health, so that’s why we’re still having to use that name.” 

Envivo Health offers free Covid tests at the Cornerstone Diagnostics building in Russell Springs.
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