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Friday, April 29: ARBOR DAY

Good morning again, folks. We’ve made it through another week, so let’s celebrate with some George Jones because it’s finally Friday and that’s just how we do it around here. 

This isn’t just the start of another weekend, however. It’s also Arbor Day, a day dedicated to encouraging people to plant trees. This one is a verifiable dinosaur compared to most of the faux holidays we celebrate here at The County Line, with origins dating back at least a few hundred years. In America, the holiday was first observed in 1872, when an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska alone. 

It’s also a worthy cause, both specifically (planting trees) and generally (celebrating nature). This is a rare international holiday that is celebrated at different dates around the world, depending on when the best time for tree planting is in a given country. It’s always held on the last Friday in April in the good ol’ USA.

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out the most appropriate way to observe Arbor Day: Plant a tree. If this is unrealistic, however, do whatever you can to celebrate nature and protect the environment. Picking up trash off the side of the road is a worthy endeavor. So is planting a flower, or a cactus, or any other plant.

Judging by the intern’s weather report for today, it looks like it will be a fantastic day to plant a tree:

At 6 a.m., it’s 55 degrees at company headquarters in Russell Springs, and the intern correspondent in Jamestown reports an identical reading. It’s a notch warmer in Columbia, with a current reported temperature of 56. It will be cloudy most of the day, but no rain is expected and the high will approach the mid-70s.

We don’t have any birthdays to celebrate today, and the clock is rapidly ticking down to submit your birthday for our drawing. The winner will get a year of free car washes courtesy of the good people at Splash Carwash, and the deadline to enter is tomorrow. Just follow this link and comment your birthday on the top post. Double your chances of winning by submitting an anniversary. 

Thanks for joining us and check back later for plenty of new content throughout the day!

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