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FRIDAY, MARCH 11: Wrapping up a wild week

Good morning once again, County Line readers. Give yourself a pat on the back and crank that George Jones, because you’ve made it through another week and it’s finally Friday!

We’re putting the wraps on a wild week of local coverage today. In case you missed anything the last few days: Columbia’s former chief of police got indicted, a Russell County business announced expansion into a new location, three inmates overdosed at Adair County Regional Jail, Jamestown’s mayor visited with elementary school students, Shayla and Burgess Brown joined The County Line as the newest members of our creative staff, Craig Dean told you about Synergy Food Group, and Jordan Willis told you about this weekend’s TV schedule. 

Stay with us today as mental health correspondents Shayla & Burgess Brown make their first contribution to the site, which is scheduled to publish just before 7 a.m. this morning. Later on, Blake Spires will melt your brain with his theory on how popular culture ate itself. “BLAKE’S TAKES: The end of pop culture as we know it” is set to drop just after 11 a.m.

This combination of content — serious and silly, tragic and comic, heavy and uplifting — is far from comprehensive, but perfectly encapsulates the kind of coverage The County Line was built to provide. We appreciate all the new readers and viewers we’ve gained this week and will continue to bring you both the stories you need as well as the stories you didn’t know you wanted.

We’re wishing big HAPPY BIRTHDAYs today to three individuals who each have close friend or family ties to The County Line: Teresa Newman, Kyle Ballou, and Pat Rizenbergs. We hope each of you has the blessing-filled day you deserve. As always, readers are encouraged to send additions to our birthday and anniversary calendars. Email us at countyline@adair-russell.com to get your special dates added to the list!

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