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GALLERY: ACHS Senior Awards night

Winners of U.S. Marine Corps Awards were, from left: Kayla Shepherd, Colin Stephens, Kennedy Stephens, and Amber Loy. They’re pictured with Sgt. Bradley Pokuta.
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Adair County High School recognized dozens of the Class of 2022’s brightest and highest achieving students Thursday at the annual Senior Awards Night. Students were honored for grade point averages, test scores, and individual achievements by department in front of a mostly-packed lower level of John Burr Memorial gym. The event also saw this year’s graduates receive scholarships from different organizations and institutions of higher learning.

Pictures of every award winner and scholarship recipient who attended are below:

Mackenzie Bennett was the Governor’s Scholar for Entrepreneur Award recipient.
Amber Loy was the Governor’s Scholar Program recipient.
Morgan Spoon was the Rogers Scholars Program recipient.
ACT Award recipients were, from left: Sadie Kemp, Amber Loy, Randall Camfield, and Colin Stephens.
Academic/technical award winners were, front row, from left: Kaitlyn Ann Akin, Emily Grace Bivens, Gracin Elizabeth Adamson, Peyton Brooke Alley, Alicia Brooke Coffey, MecKenzie Paige Adams, Mackenzie D. Bennett, and Gracie Kay Baker. Second row: Caydence Rose Burton, Jaylyn M. Burton, Ashlynn Halle Burton, Madison Halle Brown, Harleigh Jean Collet, Kiara Rae Collins, and Jaylan Kae Carter. Back row: Emily Jo Byrd, Ellie Madelyn Bell, Hannah Elizabeth Burton, Carli Ann Carter, Kaylee Shay Campbell, Randall Camfield, Zachary M. Campbell, Kayla Nicole Chambers, and Hailey R. Coffman.
Academic/technical award winners were, front row, from left: Maggie Ann Cox, Annamarie Day, Lindsey Caroline Darnell, Emma Grant Ellison, Madelyn Grace Feese, Kaylie Heaven Doss, Kila Danielle Kean, and Leah Joyce Greer. Second row: Constance Anastasia Gibson, Lilly Ann Marie Glass, Antonio M. Gonzales, Shanley Elizabeth Hausdorfer, Hayden Andrew Loy, Lucas Ray Janes, and Bailey Dale Grider. Back row: Chase Henderson Coomer, Justin E. Cox, Brian Austin Cornelison, Case Isaac Cowan, Ronan O. Flaherty, Donovan Lee Furkins, Joshua Evan Flowers, and Alex P. Gaskins.
Academic/technical award winners were, front row, from left: Angel M. Hernandez, Sadie F. Kemp, Amber Michelle Loy, Laken Marrie McDougall, Kylie Cathleen Miller, Amber Paige Moore, Mackenzie Faye Parnell, and Hannah Grace Overstreet. Second row: Noah Andrew Newell, Seth Joshua Overstreet, Lucas Michael Pooler, Emma R. Rich, Bryce Evan Rodgers, Bryant Elliot Robertson, and Kayla Brooke Shepherd. Back row: Kaleb Garon Keltner, Hunter Wayne Hadley, Joshua Murphy, Jase Alexander Matney, Anthony Preson Koenig, Justin Powell, Keaton Christopher Kessler, and Preston Jacob Reynolds.
Academic technical winners were, front row, from left: Taylor Lynn Smith, Morgan Lynn Spoon, Chloe Aston Stapleton, Kennedy Lynn Stephens, Laney Grace Stotts, Chloe Madison Taylor, Mattie Claire Willis, and Autumn Elizabeth Wilson. Second row: Garrett White, Hazel Grace White, Makayla Jean Wasson, Caleb Andrew Willis, Dalton R. Wilson, and Cayleigh Jane Woodin. Back row: Briley Stephen Taylor, Bradyn Chance Smith, Braxton Trent Smith, Zachary Thomas Steele, Colin David Stephens, Tanner Wade Strange, Camdyn William Upchurch, and William B. Thompson.
Cum Laude graduates (3-3.49 GPA) recognized were, front row, from left: Gracin Elizabeth Adamson, Emma Tressie Abrell, Kaitlyn Ann Akin, Ellie Madelyn Bell, Kayla Nicole Chambers, Kaylie Heaven Doss, Shanley Elizabeth Hausdorfer, and Angel M. Hernandez. Second row: Kaleb Garon Keltner, Hunter Wayne Hadley, Keaton Christopher Kessler, Seth Joshua Overstreet, Anthony Preston Koenig, and Hayden Andrew Loy. Back row: Zachary M. Campbell, Chase Henderson Coomer, Justin E. Cox, Bailey Dale Grider, Joshua Evan Flowers, and Lucas Ray Janes.
Cum Laude graduates (3-3.49 GPA) recognized were, front row, from left: Autumn Rose Hinds, William Joseph Turner, Amber Paige Moore, Hazel Grace White, Cayleigh Jane Woodin, Zachary Thomas Steele, and Camdyn William Upchurch. Back row: Dalton R. Wilson and Autumn Elizabeth Lynn Wilson.
Magna Cum Ladue graduates (3.5-3.99 GPA) recognized were, front row, from left: Mackenzie D. Bennett, MecKenzie Paige Adams, Emily Jo Byrd, Gracie Kay Baker, Carli Ann Carter, Hailey Rebecca Coffman, and Lilly Ann Marie Glass. Second row: Alicia Brooke Coffey, Jaylan Kae Carter, Sadie F. Kemp, Kiara Rae Collins, Kila Danielle Kean, and Kylie Cathleen Miller. Back row: Harleigh Jean Collett, Halle Madison Brown, Hannah Elizabeth Burton, Ronan O. Flaherty, Donovan Lee Furkins, Noah Andrew Newell, and Jase Alexander Matney.
Magna Cum Ladue graduates (3.5-3.99 GPA) recognized were, front row, from left: Mackenzie Fay Parnell, Hannah Grace Overstreet, Morgan Lynn Spoon, Taylor Lynn Smith, Makayla Jean Wasson, and Haley Elizabeth Turner. Back row: Bryant Elliot Robertson, Bradyn Chance Smith, Lucas Michael Pooler, Briley Stephen Taylor, Garret Cole White, and Caleb Andrew Willis.
Summa Cum Laude graduates (4.0 GPA and higher) recognized were, front row, from left: Emily Grace Bivens, Ashlynn Halle Burton, Amber Michelle Loy, Jaylyn M. Burton, Kaylee Shay Campbell, Annamarie Day, and Madelyn Grace Feese. Second row: Emma Grant Ellison, Maggie Ann Cox, Lindsey Caroline Darnell, Emma M. Rich, Caydence Rose Burton, Kayla Brooke Shepherd, Kennedy Lynn Stephens, and Chloe Ashton Stapleton. Back row: Zach Steele, Case Isaac Cowan, Randall David Camfield, Bryce Evan Rodgers, Braxton Trent Smith, Colin David Stephens, Mattie Claire Willis, Laney Grace Stotts, and Chloe Madison Taylor.
Peyton Alley was the female winner of the Asst. Principal’s Award. The male winner, Jayson Owens, is not pictured.
Principal’s Challenge Award winners were Case Cowan and Lilly Glass.
Braxton Smith and Bailey Grider won Adair County Cattlemen’s Association Scholarships. They’re pictured with Lee Graves and Fred Thomas.
From left, Kiara Collins, Noah Newell, and Morgan Spoon won 4-H Scholarships, and Newell also won the Dwight Rich 4-H Shooting Sports Scholarship. They’re pictured with Tony Rose.
Boomer Lewis, left, presented Adair County Farm Bureau/J.U. Rogers Memorial Scholarships to Caleb Willis, Laney Stotts, and Kaleb Keltner.
Amber Loy won the Ann Vescio Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) Scholarship.
Emma Rich was awarded the Billy Bloyd Scholarship.
Bailey Grider was awarded the Blake Martin Memorial Scholarship. He’s pictured with Asher, Haley, and Avery Martin.
Andrea Feese, right, presented Bank of Columbia Scholarships to, front row, from left: Annamarie Day, Emma Rich, and Chloe Stapleton. Back row: Braxton Smith, Case Cowan, and Bailey Grider.
Amber Loy won the Burger King Scholars Award.
Campbellsville University Scholarship winners were, front row, from left: Chloe Stapleton, Kaitlyn Akin, Kaylee Campbell, and Kaylie Doss.
Cooley Scholarships to Lindsey Wilson College and Western Kentucky University were presented by Susan Peck (back left). Recipients, were, front row, from left: Kylie Miller, Halle Burton, Kiara Collins, Hannah Burton, and Maggie Cox. Back row: Bryant Robertson, Mattie Willis, Caydence Burton, Lindsay Darnell, Hazel White, and Chloe Taylor.
Tiffany McMinnoway, right, presented the Cumberland Family Medical Scholarship to Amber Loy.
Ladonna Willis, right, presented the Don and June Carney Scholarship in memory of John “Bam” Carney to Bryant Robertson.
Inette Goodin, left, presented the EKU Hillary Hadley Scholarship to Leah Greer.
Richie Estes, right, presented the Estes Insurance Agency & Nationwide Scholarship to Kaylee Campbell.
Sarah Jessie, right, presented the First & Farmers National Bank Scholarship to, from left: Mattie Willis, Keaton Kessler, and Braxton Smith.
Hannah Burton was awarded the Frances Hancock Memorial Scholarship, Columbia United Methodist Church.
Levi Burton presented the Hood Masonic Lodge No. 839 Scholarship to Laney Stotts.
Sadie Kemp was awarded the Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma 2022 Educational Scholarship.
Lindsey Wilson College scholarship winners were, front row, from left: Mackenzie Adams, Payton Alley, Ashlynn Hallie Burton, Caydence Burton, Hannah Burton, Jaylyn Burton, and Kayla Chambers. Second row: Alicia Brooke Coffey, Kiara Collins, Maggie Cox, Lindsey Darnell, Annamarie Day, Emma Ellison, and Lilly Glass. Back row: Randall Camfield, Chase Coomer, Josh Flowers, and Luke Janes.
Lindsey Wilson College scholarship winners were, front row, from left: Autumn Ashtin Hinds, Sadie Kemp, Kila Kean, Hannah Overstreet, Mackenzie Parnell, Morgan Spoon, Kayla Shepherd, and Hazel White. Back row: Hailey Turner, Makayla Wasson, Mattie Willis, Chloe Taylor, Braxton Smith, Bradyn Smith, Bryant Robertson, Lucas Pooler, and Hayden Loy.
Lindsey Wilson College’s Begley Scholarship winner was Amber Loy.
Kimberly Barbee (center) presented the Ludora Feese Perkins Scholarship to Lindsey Darnell and the Mike and Kim (Perkins) Barbee Scholarship to Noah Newell.
Pam Hancock, right, presented to McDonald’s of Columbia Scholarship to Mackenzie Bennett.
Dr. Janice Coffey presented the Missy’s Heart Veterinary Scholarship to Case Cowan.
Lesha Breeding, right, presented the Roger’s Trucking Scholarship to Laney Stotts.
Tawshiana Beggan (center) presented Somerset Community College Scholarships to Bryce Rodgers and Taylor Smith.
Yulanda Bradshaw, Mackie Jo Pennington, and Jordan Grider presented the Tony Grider Memorial Scholarship to Kaitlyn Akin.
Dylan Gentry, right, presented James C. Blair Adair County Scholarships to the University of Kentucky to, from left: Camdyn Upchurch, Emma Rich, Mackenzie Bennett, Case Cowan, and Jaylan Carter.
Dylan Gentry (back right) presented University of Kentucky Provost Scholarships to, front row, from left: Laney Stotts, Mackenzie Bennett, Harleigh Collett, and Kennedy Stephens. Back row: Colin Stephens, Case Cowan, and Emma Rich.
Nick Fudge (back right) presented United Citizens Bank Scholarships to, front row, from left: Chloe Stapleton, Emma Rich, Madelyn Feese, Kennedy Stephenbs, Chloe Taylor, and Sadie Kemp. Second row: Caydence Burton, Kaylee Campbell, Kiara Collins, Maggie Cox, Annamarie Day, and Amber Loy. Back row: Caleb Willis, Chase Coomer, Noah Newell, and Bryant Robertson.
Vanessa Burton presented the Vicki Leibeck-Owsley Scholarship to Sadie Kemp.
Western Kentucky University Scholarship winners were, from left: Keaton Kessler, Emily Bivens, Kylie Miller, and Emma Abrell.
Kirby Hancock presented the Agriculture Award to Bailey Grider.
JR Thompson presented the Business Award to Mackenzie Bennett.
Jase Matney won the Cadet Corp Leadership Award.
Chloe Taylor won the English Award.
Vanessa Burton presented the Family & Consumer Science Award to Mattie Willis.
Jennifer Carter presented the Health Science Award to Laney Stotts.
Seth Overstreet won the LCRCWC Electricity Award.
Brent Campbell presented the Math Award to Kaylee Campbell.
Maddy Feese won the Media Arts Award.
Susan Peck presented the Science Award to Colin Stephens.
Kristina Mahieu won the Visual Art Award.
Kevin Robertson presented the Social Studies Award to Amber Loy.
Rebecca Cravens presented the Sports Medicine Award to Hailey Coffman.
Barney Taylor presented the Welding Award to Briley Taylor.
Lilly Glass won the World Language Award.

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