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Happy International Waffle Day

Good morning and happy Friday, fine folks. We’re thankful you’ve made us a part of your daily breakfast and coffee routine. Today is International Waffle Day, so enjoy a day’s worth of carbohydrates this morning without shame or regret. It should be noted that the day’s celebration is in no way affiliated with National Waffle Day, which isn’t until Aug. 24 and is obviously a much smaller deal than its worldwide counterpart which we recognize today. 

We’re ready to send you off into the weekend right with plenty of great content coming at you throughout the day. We’ve got several reports from the world of high school sports set to drop, some local news on the docket, and a special mental health check-in with Shayla and Burgess Brown. 

Just a little after 5 a.m., it’s 38 degrees at The County Line’s Adair County post in north Columbia, and the thermometer outside company headquarters in Russell Springs reads 37. Expect cloudy skies throughout the day, and the temperature will top out around 50 degrees. There’s a chance of showers later tonight.

We have no birthdays or anniversaries to report today, but as always, readers are encouraged to send additions to our birthday and anniversary calendars. Email us at countyline@adair-russell.com to get your special dates added to the list!

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