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Happy National Blame Someone Else Day

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Good morning, and thank you once again for joining us here at The County Line to start your week’s end! 

Thank God it’s Friday, even if it is Friday the 13th. Today just so happens to be National Blame Someone Else Day, so what better way to enter the weekend than to celebrate this 40-year-old holiday by blaming your mistakes, mishaps, and shortcomings on someone or something else?

National Blame Someone Else Day was coined by Anne Moeller after having a day I am sure many of you, including myself, can relate to. Her alarm clock “failed” to sound, causing a series of unfortunate events to transpire. She was eager to place the blame on anything she could to help appease her mind. This “get-out-of-jail” free pass occurs every year on the first Friday the 13th. 

Enter this day by blaming your spilled coffee on the mailman. Accuse the couch for your stubbed toe. Blame your mother-in-law for not cooking dinner. On this day, it is acceptable to blame your child’s coach or umpire for their performance. Whatever may happen, do not accept responsibility for any miscalculation on your part. If you must, hold me liable for your first blunder.

Let’s all move forward with this day — long forgetting everyone’s favorite slasher, Jason Voorhees — and refuse to take ownership of our failures and hold innocent unsuspecting bystanders accountable for our actions.

I will start this off by blaming Dr. Jacob Burton for my less-than-perfect vision. If all else fails, listen to the sounds of Brad Howell and John Davis, through the lips of Milli Vanilli, and “Blame it on the Rain.” 

However, it may be difficult to blame the rain today, with temperatures reaching the mid 80s and mostly sunny. Stay cool, drink plenty of water, and check back in for more content. In the meantime, treat today like Ye and play the “Blame Game.”

We’re also wishing a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Nick “Notorious RIZ aka The King” Rizenbergs, and as always, readers are encouraged to send additions to our birthday and anniversary calendars. Email us at countyline@adair-russell.com to get your special dates added to the list!

Downey Eye Clinic
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