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Tuesday is National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Happy Tuesday, folks! Thanks for joining us on this most special occasion: It’s National Deep Dish Pizza Day. 

Before we move on to other matters, let’s break this down real quick. There are different kinds of deep-dish pizza. Some are just a regular old pizza made more in the style of a casserole but otherwise put together like a thin or hand-tossed pie. This “generic”-style deep dish is the kind you’ll get by ordering “pan” crust at Pizza Hut. 

There are two other deep dish styles worth mentioning, however, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. The first, and best known, is Chicago-style deep dish. You’ll see these around here at local pizza shops occasionally: They’re generally smaller in diameter than their hand-tossed counterparts, with a much, much deeper crust. The toppings are dumped into the bowl created by the dough, used more like a filling than something that just gets layered on top, and — perhaps most strikingly — the sauce goes last, layered on top of everything else. I’m partial to this kind, but be careful — too much meat in the toppings, and you’ve got a greasy mess. Also worth noting, some people can’t get over the “sauce on top” part, but other than how it looks, I think this difference is negligible.

The other, lesser known deep-dish pizza is Detroit-style. This version is baked in rectangular pans with thick, chewy dough. The cheese and toppings are lined all the way to the crust’s edge, and mozzarella and Wisconsin brick cheese are spread on top. This pizza tastes like something you could make at home, except better.

I didn’t expect to spend 300 words on thick-crust pizza this morning, but here we are, so we might as well finish this out right. Wes’s ranking: 1. Chicago style deep dish; 2. Detroit style deep dish; 3. Generic, thick crust pan pizza, sometimes referred to as deep dish. The real secret is that no crust style really determines good pizza. Quality dough, cheese, and toppings are almost always a bigger deal. 

Now that we’ve got the important stuff squared away, let’s look at today’s weather. Just a little after 6 a.m., it’s currently 50 degrees at The County Line’s Adair office in north Columbia. Reports from the intern at company headquarters in Russell Springs are identical — 50 degrees. The high today is 61. Skies are currently cloudy, and expect showers later this morning and continuing throughout the day. 

No birthday’s to report today, but we’re wishing a happy 53rd anniversary to William and Betty Sue Feese. We hope it’s a good one!

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