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It’s finally Friday (and NASCAR Day)

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for sharing your morning with us once again. The weekend is upon us, it’s finally Friday, and you know what that means around these parts: Crank The Possum as loudly as possible. 

Vroom, vroom! Today is also NASCAR Day, for all you folks out there who enjoy watching people go fast and turn to the left. This writer has never been the biggest fan, but as a kid, when I thought being a sports fan meant having a rooting interest for everything that made it onto SportsCenter, I thought Dale Earnhardt was cool and Jeff Gordon was lame, and I’ll stand by those assessments to this day. I’m uncertain how one would celebrate this occasion, but the best I can come up with is this: Try to get a speeding ticket.

Following yesterday’s successful debut of The County Line Quote of the Day, we’ll go with a NASCAR theme for this one, courtesy of The Intimidator himself:

“You win some, lose some, and wreck some.”

This quote was obviously about racing, at least on the surface, but can be applied to just about anything.  

Let’s check with the intern for today’s weather:

Just a tick past 7 a.m., it’s already 73 degrees and sunny outside company headquarters in Russell Springs. Intern correspondents in Jamestown and Columbia current temperature readings of 74 and 75 degrees, respectively. It’s going to feel like summer today—sunny and hot, with a high reaching the upper 80s by midafternoon. 

That’s it for this morning. Check in with us throughout the day for more local coverage and commentary, always from local voices. 

This post is dedicated to Joshua Westray, who we wish the best birthday imaginable.

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