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It’s National Smile Power Day, but what does that mean?

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Good morning ladies and gents, and Happy Wednesday! Thanks for joining us again this morning for the triumphant return of birthday announcements, weather, and celebrations of holidays you’ve never heard of. 

Today’s faux-holiday is almost normal, this close to being something we cannot make fun of: It’s National Smile Power Day. This one makes all the sense in the world if you ignore the “Power” part of the equation. What does “Smile Power” even mean? Smiling and power aren’t two words that normally go together. There is no “Frown Authority Day” nor is there an “Angry Energy Day,” which both make about as much sense as what we actually have. 

According to the definitely well-qualified scholars who write about these things on the internet (this author obviously excluded): “Spreading joy is all this day is about.” Cool. It’s not like power for its own sake has ever caused anything but joy. Also, “Smile Power” sounds like a phrase a 6-year-old would use while trying to explain The Joker to someone who’s never heard of Batman. 

If there’s a common theme for all these crazy days that we both love and make fun of here at The County Line, it’s undoubtedly that the names are overdone. Almost every one of them would be better if they were shortened or more concise, but then again, what would we make jokes about in this post?

Now for our Quote of the Day, which you know is either “smile”-themed or “power”-themed, but definitely not both:

“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

See what I did there? It’s a quote about smiling but a powerful quote. Clever, I know. You’re all welcome. 

Let’s move on to weather, courtesy of the intern:

Just after 6 a.m., it’s already a warm 75 degrees outside company headquarters in Russell Springs, and intern correspondents in Columbia and Jamestown report temps of 76 and 75 degrees, respectively. No shocker here—today will be hot. Expect mostly clear skies, plenty of sun, and a high in the mid-90s. Stay safe, stay hydrated, and if you can—stay inside where it’s cool. 

This post is dedicated to Charles Breeding, who’s lucky enough to celebrate his birthday on National Smile Power Day, and John and Stephanie Overby, who are celebrating their anniversary. We hope today is full of both smiles and power, and powerful smiles, and smiling power. 

Thanks for reading and check back throughout the day for real news and commentary, nothing like this nonsense. 

Downey Eye Clinic
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