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It’s Tuesday (and National Garlic Day)

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Happy Tuesday morning, good people. The coffee’s brewing, the bacon is sizzling, and you’re here at The County Line, so just relax with us a for a little bit — it’ll be time for work soon enough. 

Today is April 19, and we have a faux-holiday that warrants a mention in this post: National Garlic Day.

Garlic is a food that I admittedly did not understand until I was a full-grown adult, somewhat unbelievably considering you see mountains of bulbs of garlic in literally every grocery store. I was familiar with the flavor, and of the dried out, powder variety, but I don’t think I knew where that powder even came from until I got into cooking in my early 20s. 

Nowadays, I eat garlic all the time, to the point that I schedule some meals specifically for “off hours” so no one (at least in a professional setting) will have to encounter my breath for at least a good half-day after I eat. It’s also quite healthy, which doesn’t really factor into why I like it, but a bonus nonetheless.

This isn’t a recipe post, but I will share one of my favorite ways to eat garlic, sure to please any garlic lover and even more sure to gross out anyone who’s not a fan of the herb: Slice the top off an entire bulb, wrap it up in aluminum foil with some olive oil and butter, and bake it. That’s pretty much it — shoot for 350 degrees for around a half-hour. It comes out super soft, and you can squeeze the cloves out and spread them like butter across bread, pizza, or steak (preferably steak). It tastes amazing and — for several hours after eating — your breath will warn people you’re coming long before you even enter a room. 

Moving on to weather, let’s check in with our intern in Russell County:

At 5:30 a.m., it’s currently 34 degrees in Jamestown. Correspondents in Columbia and Russell Springs report thermometer readings of 35 and 34 degrees, respectively. Expect a pretty one today, cold but with plenty of sunshine. There’s no rain in the forecast and the high across The County Line’s coverage area is expected to top out in the mid-50s.

Moving on to birthdays, we’ve only got one on the list today, but it’s a good one. Our favorite carwash tycoon, Will Waggener, turns 34 today. We wish him the best, and encourage you to take money directly out of his pocket via our campaign this month to fill out our birthday and anniversary list. 

Just follow this link to our Facebook page, and comment your special dates on the top post for a chance to win ONE YEAR of free washes, courtesy of Will and his esteemed staff at Splash Carwash. 

Downey Eye Clinic
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