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JULY 1: International Joke Day

We’ve made it through another one, ladies and gentlemen. It’s finally Friday, so cue the George Jones and let’s get into it.

July 1 is International Joke Day, and I could only be happier about it if its official mascot was Rick Pitino. Without question, of all the fake holidays we’ve talked about on these morning posts—and there have been many, many of them—this is the first that might deserve “real” holiday status. As a lifelong proponent of nonsense, this one feels like it was made just for me. 

I’ve always loved a good joke—or one-liner, story, clapback, whatever’s funny. I used to tell the same joke for years, all through elementary school, because I cracked up so hard the first time I heard it. Aside from pro athletes, most of my other favorite celebrities growing up were comedians. I was always fascinated by both the people and the vocation itself, and wildly jealous of their wit and creativity.

Even now, halfway through my 30s, I still envy those special individuals who can make others laugh seemingly on command. While I’ve never been as funny as the great joke tellers I’ve seen on TV and movies, I have developed the skill of seeing humor almost everywhere I look, because I actively look for it. 

I’ve had to hold back the giggles at city council meetings and job interviews and even funerals—almost always because something absurd happened or was said and no one responded naturally. This undoubtedly makes me weird (although definitely not the only thing that makes me weird) but it also makes the mundane days, which are most days for most people, far more enjoyable. 

A sincere, from-the-gut laugh is one of the few things that money cannot buy, and a strong sense of humor is one of the few things that no one can take away from you. I believe the world would be a far better place if everyone scaled their seriousness back a couple of notches and embraced (or at least accepted) how silly and ridiculous we all are. 

In the spirit of this actually-underrated holiday, our Quote of the Day doubles as the Joke of the Day, courtesy of the all-time king of one-line non sequiturs, the late Mitch Hedberg:

“This jacket is dry clean only … so that means it is dirty.”

I can’t even stop with one; here are a couple more Hedberg gems:

“Every book is a children’s book if the kid can read.”

“I bought a $7 pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.”

“I haven’t slept for 10 days, because that would be too long.”

I could do this all day, just typing out Hedberg jokes and laughing to myself, but it’s time to move on. Let’s pass the mic to the intern for today’s weather:

Just a few minutes after 7 a.m., it’s 74 degrees at The County Line’s main office in Russell Springs. It’s the same in Jamestown, and just a little warmer on the other side of 80, with the thermometer reading 76 at the Columbia office. If it sounds mild, rest assured it will get much warmer very soon. The daytime high across The County Line coverage area is 95. Finally, there is rain in the forecast, but it looks like it will hold off until early tomorrow morning.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Check back throughout the day for more content, most of it from better writers than this one. Thanks for kicking it with me this morning (or whenever you might read this). 

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