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Lakewood Country Club wins first-ever Cumberland River Cup

Cumberland River Cup
Pictured from left, Bentley Perkerson, Kelby Barnett, Travis Miller, Buddy Coe, Hayden Browning, Scotty McQueary, Clay Anderson, Hog Wilson, Drew Boggs, Nick Coe, Ryan Vaughn, and Alex Mann. Not pictured: Justin Godsey, Kyle Garner, Michael Perkerson, Daniel Johnson, Greg Grider, Ben Vaught, Trey Wilkerson, and Greg Shaw.
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Lakewood Country Club clinched the victory in the first-ever Cumberland River Cup this past weekend.

The local country club defeated Hidden Hills Country Club (out of Tompkinsville) in what Lakewood team captain Kelby Barnett described as an event similar to the Ryder Cup. Hidden Hills has a traveling team that goes to country clubs in other counties and takes them on in a multi-day event.

“This was the first time we’ve done this,” Barnett said. “It was their idea, and they reached out in early spring. I’m glad we were able to make it happen.”

Saturday morning’s format was four-ball, sometimes known as best ball.

It’s a form of play where two partners compete together against two partners from the other team, with each player playing his or her own ball. The golfer with lowest score on the hole wins that hole for his or her team.

On Saturday, the format was foursomes, also known as alternate shot. This format is played between four players. Golfers compete in teams of two, using only one ball per team, and take turns hitting shots until the hole is completed. The team that completes the hole in the fewest shots wins.

A possible 12 points were on the board in Saturday’s matchups, and Lakewood took the advantage heading in to Sunday, 7 to 5.

Saturday morning’s Lakewood crew included:

• Buddy Coe

• Justin Godsey

• Alex Mann

• Hog Wilson

• Drew Boggs

• Clay Anderson

• Travis Miller

• Hayden Browning

• Rob Bertram

• Trey Wilkerson

• Nick Coe

• Kyle Garner

Saturday afternoon’s Lakewood crew included:

• Michael Perkerson

• Bentley Perkerson

• Daniel Johnson

• Greg Grider

• Ben Vaught

• Ryan Vaughn

• Scotty McQueary

• Hog Wilson

• Travis Miller

• Clay Anderson

• Trey Wilkerson

• Greg Shaw

Sunday’s format was match play. The results from Sunday were split 6 to 6.

The six winning players from Lakewood were:

• Buddy Coe over Trey Isenberg, 5 and 4

• Travis Miller over Tyler Glass, 5 and 4

• Ben Vaught over Kolton Myatt, 2 and 1

• Clay Anderson over Gary Garmon, 2 and 1

• Ryan Vaughn over Brad Watson, 5 and 3

• Hog Wilson over Trevor Isenberg, 2 up

Other results from Sunday were:

• Neal Isenberg over Justin Godsey, 6 and 4

• Haden Thomas over Trey Wilkerson, 2 up

• Chance England over Nick Coe, 2 and 1

• Trevor Humes over Drew Boggs, 2 and 1

• Drew Hammer over Alex Mann, 1 up

• Kaelin McPherson over Scotty McQueary, 2 and 1

The winning team was the first to 12.5 points, giving Lakewood the victory with a final score of 13 to 11.

“We appreciate Hidden Hills Country Club for reaching out and allowing us the opportunity to host them to come play,” Barnett said. “We were able to make some new friendships, and we’re looking forward to maybe going over there in the fall.

“I’d like to give a special thank you to Brad Watson of Tompkinsville, their team captain, and Drew Boggs, our superintendent who manages the course.”

Lakewood will take on The Pines at Lindsey Wilson in a similar format on Aug. 20-21. The event will take place at The Pines in Columbia.

The Cumberland River Cup has found a home at Lakewood Country Club after the first edition of the event. Lakewood Country Club team captain Kelby Barnett said he expects more matches against Hidden Hills Country Club in the future.
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