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Lindsey Wilson College offers extended campus, online learning options

‘These programs were created for individuals who work full time or are busy raising a family.’

Penny Rizenbergs, Lindsey Wilson College
Penny Rizenbergs, coordinator for Educational Outreach and Online Programs, helps spread the word about Lindsey Wilson College’s extended campus and online learning opportunities.
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For anyone wanting to further their education but who thinks they don’t have the time, Lindsey Wilson College’s Extended Campus and Online Programs might be the answer.

The 100%-online program includes the following undergraduate degrees: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Human Services and Counseling, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

LWC’s extended campus also offers 100%-online graduate programs, including: Counseling and Human Development (one required residency), Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Nurse Practice in Executive Nurse Leadership.

Additionally, the extended campus also offers hybrid programs, including: Human Services and Counseling, and Counseling and Human Development (CHD).

“These programs were created for individuals who work full time or are busy raising a family,” said Penny Rizenbergs, coordinator for Educational Outreach and Online Programs.

Online courses are offered in eight-week sessions, allowing students to enjoy a full-time schedule while focusing on a few courses at a time. Online success coaches are available to all LWC students.

“Opportunities for higher education have never been more affordable or more accessible than right now,” said Tommie Ann Saragas, LWC Assistant Vice President of Educational Outreach for Online and Graduate Programs.

In addition to already competitive tuition rates, LWC also partners with numerous community agencies that would offer reduced tuition rates to students who are employed with the college’s partners.

“I have found that students are not always aware of our extended campus programs hybrid format and do not realize that they can work on their degree close to home, online, and face to face on an extended campus while working a full-time job during the week,” Rizenbergs said. “The hybrid option consists of one online course and one face-to-face course each eight weeks. Students are able to work full time and work on their degree without being overwhelmed.

“There is only one face-to-face course every eight-week session, with the class meeting and finishing in three weekends. There is a weekend in between the three required weekends, so they are not consecutive. It has worked so well for so many students who could not attend main campus but wanted some face-to-face learning opportunities while also having the convenience of some online courses.”

LWC will celebrate 20 years of partnering with Somerset Community College this year, as part of the University Center of Southern Kentucky, located on SCC’s campus at 808 Monticello Street in Somerset.

“I always wanted to be a helper growing up,” said Krystal Pfeiffer, a CHD student, about the hybrid program. “I imagined a different life for myself, but at 36, I finally graduated with my BA, and I knew that I couldn’t spend time I didn’t have traveling while meeting the needs of my family of six.

“So, I began researching programs for my master’s when I found Lindsey Wilson College and took the leap of applying,” she added. “Penny Rizenbergs saw me through the beginning of my program and been there each step of the way and through some major life and career changes. I feel like I have so many helpers here at Lindsey Wilson that I can’t fail. I am blessed to be in this program with the wonderful support and peers I have grown to respect. I am looking forward to a lifetime of rewards because of the education and relationships built here.”

Pfeiffer attends LWC’s London Extended Campus and is on track to graduate this fall.

Another student, Rachel Trimble Johnson, who is studying Human Services on the Somerset Campus, noted that the convenience has been a huge help to her on the journey to obtaining her degree.

“Earning my degree close to home means being able to get my degree while still having time to work and take care of my kids,” she said. “It’s just so convenient. I have enjoyed the hybrid program because it allows me to get some face-to-face interaction with the instructors and, not to mention, the students in my classes have become like family to me.

“Dr. Darlene Vaughn was my first instructor at LWC, and she truly is an amazing person,” Johnson added. “She made such a huge impression on me and I will forever be thankful for her guidance.”

Cherish Forney, a Somerset hybrid CHD student who is graduating in May, added that she “honestly can’t believe how fast time has flown by” on the way to earning her degree.

“Two years ago, COVID made this seem impossible,” Forney said. “My cohort and professors, Dianna Watkins, Dr. Gallo, Dr. Fucillo, and Dr. Kim Brown, have all been extremely supportive, understanding, and influential. Participating in the hybrid program has allowed me to continue traveling year-round, explore different focuses of mental health, and grow as a counselor and a human. I am forever grateful to have been accepted into Lindsey Wilson’s program and to all those individuals who have supported me.”

Students who want to learn more about LWC’s online programs can call 1-800-264-0138 or email either LindseyOnline@lindsey.edu or info@lindsey.edu. Students interested in opportunities at LWC’s Extended Campus locations in Somerset and London can contact Rizenbergs via email at rizenbergsp@lindsey.edu or by phone at 606-305-1227 or Regional Enrollment Director Cheryl Boger via email at bogerc@lindsey.edu.

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