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Columbia resident publishes book on money management

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Thomas A. Akin recently published his new book, “Money: A Primer for Life,” on Amazon. His book is organized into 12 chapters that contain relevant, practical information about money and life.

The book is fashioned like a textbook in that it comes classroom-ready with quizzes, an answer key, a glossary of terms, a list of acronyms and initialisms, and an index. It’s available in three formats: eBook, paperback and hardcover.

According to Akin, the book was inspired by a conversation he had with his granddaughter about how things were going at school. She eagerly responded with details about her favorite classes and teachers. Then Akin asked his granddaughter if she was being taught how to handle money.

That question produced an awkward silence as she contemplated a response. Although Akin’s granddaughter was receiving an otherwise excellent public education, he said, it became apparent that something was lacking. That missing element was training in financial literacy.

At this point, Akin realized that public education hadn’t changed much with respect to money matters in the four decades since he attended high school.

At that moment, he was inspired to do something about it: something for his grandchildren, something for everyone. Akin reasoned that he had a lifetime of experience to offer in this regard.

So, he resolved to write a book that addresses money in the context of modern living. Akin graduated from Green County High School in 1978. Subsequently, he attended Western Kentucky University and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology.

While working as an engineering manager at Hughes Aircraft Company, he earned an MBA from the University of California. Akin retired from Raytheon as a program manager at age 55 and returned to Kentucky with his wife, Georgia Dale Cook Akin (recently deceased). He currently resides in Columbia and maintains close ties to family and friends in the surrounding area.

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