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Mayor recognizes academic teams

Mayor Pam Hoots, seated, at right, signed a proclamation Tuesday, March 15 declaring this month Academic Recognition Month in the City of Columbia. Hoots is pictured with Adair County Supt. Dr. Pam Stephens, seated on the left; Adair County academic team members from the elementary, middle, and high school squads; and academic team coaches.
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March is Academic Recognition Month in Columbia, per a proclamation Columbia Mayor Pam Hoots signed Tuesday.

Hoots visited the Adair County Board of Education Tuesday afternoon to sign the proclamation; present individual awards of achievement to elementary, middle, and high school academic team members; and offer words of encouragement to the students.

The mayor was joined by Adair County Supt. Dr. Pam Stephens, academic team coaches from the three schools, and each of the team members. “I’m so excited to be here and honor you all for your success,” Hoots told the students.

The proclamation reads as follows:

Whereas, the City of Columbia would like to recognize students in the local school system for their academic achievements;

Whereas, we want to acknowledge the honors received by the academic teams of Adair County High School, Adair County Middle School, and Adair County Elementary School (and virtual students) in Columbia and Adair County.

Whereas, these teams and individuals have brought recognition to our local community;

Whereas, we want to recognize the schools, the teachers, the academic instructors and coaches, and the students; 

Therefore, the month of March, 2022, has been proclaimed as Academic Recognition Month in Columbia, Kentucky.

Pamela Hoots

The Adair County Elementary School academic team trophy case, 2022 edition.

Individual team members are listed below:


Riley Andrew
Christopher Armenti
Alaynah Bayuk
Madison Burkhardt
Addison Chapman
Elaine Cook
Lily Coots
Wiley Feese
Chloe Grider
RyAnna Hale
Rocky Klingberg
Suzy Kotter
Patrick Oliver
Bently Petty
Ellie Staten
Mia Stephens
Pierce Stotts
Cole Stockton
Maddie Wethington

Coaches: Jeana Pike and Lisa Newell-Hare

Adair County Schools Supt. Dr. Pam Stephens, Columbia Mayor Pam Hoots, ACES academic team coaches Lisa Newell-Hare and Jeana Pike, and ACES academic team members, Tuesday, March 15, 2022.


Hannah Kotter
Angelia Bell
Bobby Bell
Sarah Goforth
Emma Berry
Joshua Evans
Natalea Kaylor
Emily Hart
Samantha Oliver
Abby Kemp
Jay Burton
Briana Hillock

Coaches: Mattie Harmon, Keaton Coomer, and Jeremy Costello

Columbia Mayor Pam Hoots, center, with Adair County Supt. Dr. Pam Stephens and members of the Adair County Middle School academic team, March 15, 2022.


Bailey Watts
Ronan Flaherty
Joseph Kotter
Amber Loy
Abby Claywell
Caylin Coffman
Ada Gass
Trevir Andrews
Tristin Andrews
Andrew Zinati

Coach: Brett Reliford

Adair County Schools Supt. Dr. Pam Stephens and Columbia Mayor Pam Hoots with the Adair County High School academic team, March 15, 2022.
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