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New Columbia business has ribbon cutting

Cora Elizabeth Designs offers event planning, interior/exterior decorating, and thrifted and vintage items

Cora Elizabeth Designs
A ribbon cutting was held Friday for Cora Elizabeth Designs, located in Columbia at 312 Hurt Street - Suite 3 (behind IGA). Pictured are CPD Chief Junior Murphy, Bill Bailey, Dorthy Bailey, Beth Bailey, Knox Long, Columbia Mayor Pamela Hoots, and CPD Major Charles Greer.
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A new business held its ribbon cutting in Columbia on Friday, March 11.

Cora Elizabeth Designs, located at 312 Hurt Street – Suite 3 (behind IGA), is owned and operated by Beth Bailey. She started the business as a passion project that combined a wide variety of her interests and talents.

It offers event planning and both interior and exterior decorating, “intentional celebrating — things you can do with your family, your kiddos” — but Bailey said its “main thing” is thrifted and vintage items, as well as some handcrafted items.

“I love this community, and I’ve always lived here,” Bailey said, “so I needed something that would afford me the opportunity to be with my 7-year-old and something that he could be a part of. I love old stuff — my degree’s in history — so I wanted some way to kind of mesh those two together, as well as give some of the things we sell a second purpose. And this was just a perfect opportunity for that.” 

While most people know her as Beth, Bailey’s first and middle name are Cora Elizabeth. Using her first two names for the store was important to Bailey because they relate back to her own personal history.

“I’m named after both of my great-grandmothers, so the history part kind of ties into that and that’s why I chose that name,” Bailey said.

Friday was the store’s first official day of operation, and its hours of operations are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment if needed.

Currently, the store is accepting cash, check, Facebook Pay, and Venmo payments, but Bailey is in the process of setting up credit/debit card payments as an option in the future.

Cora Elizabeth Designs can be found on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

“People think when they hear event planning, interior decorating and thrifted stuff, they automatically think, that’s gonna be super expensive, and it’s not,” Bailey said. “I have things here that are only $5. It’s just so good for the environment to repurpose and redo, and it’s a chance to repeat history a little bit so I think they’re pretty fair prices.

“Just come and shop local, and I’m looking forward to serving this community.”

Cora Elizabeth Designs offers, among other things, thrifted, vintage, and handcrafted items.
Cora Elizabeth Designs is located at 312 Hurt Street – Suite 3 (behind IGA) and is owned and operated by Beth Bailey.
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