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NOTE TO SELF: We are contagious, Cheers!

Note to Self
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Katie and I have been watching Cheers lately. I love Ted Danson, and there’s just something about a classic sitcom. Who doesn’t want to sit in any place where they know your name and they’re glad that you came? I was watching an episode last night and a person came into Cheers singing a song. As they sat down, another person that was walking by cheerfully (pun intended) picked up the song and it spread through the bar, one person at a time, until someone walked out singing it.

We can spread our mood into the people we are around. Everyone has had coworkers that are bitter and dissatisfied with every aspect of their life. Your mood interacts with the people around you, and you can spread it like a virus. If we have learned anything since 2020, it’s how one person far away can spread something across the globe. We all also have people in our life that exude peace. They can make a situation calmer just by being there. I have seen people take a chaotic situation and bring order and peace into it like the calming of rushing water.

Seraphim of Sarov, a saint in the Russian Eastern Orthodox Tradition, said, “Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved.” This has always been a reminder that I am the only person that I can change, but other people that I come in contact with could feel the influence of a person who has a calm demeanor. People will recognize inward peace, but in order to exude peace, you have to feel peaceful. Easier said than done.

This week, practice noticing when you feel anxiety, stress, and anger. After you realize that you feel it, notice where you feel it at in your body. Scan your body and see where you hold the tension of stress. I hold it in my jaw and head. Don’t worry about pushing the stress away; just learn to relax those areas in the body that you feel the stress.

Peace is found in practice. Practice is done in the present moment, and it is always the present moment. Be peace one second at time. Be peace and others will notice.

Eric Overby lives in Russell County. You can find his poetry on Amazon and more of his writings on Instagram @mindful_stoic_poet.

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