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Primary election workers needed in Adair County

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The Adair County Board of Elections is asking for the community’s help with the May 2022 primary election. 

When the board submitted its election plan for Adair County last year, 16 precinct locations were submitted to be open as normal, but in order to have those precincts open, “we have to have the workers,” according to a press release from the Adair County Clerk Lisa Greer and the board.

“We cannot run elections without poll workers,” the release stated. “They are the most fundamental piece of the process. Finding workers can not wait until the last minute. If we are short on election workers for the 2022 primary, we may have to change our election plan, and this decision will need to be done by the end of February.

“To operate all 16 precincts, we will need 80 workers. We need four workers plus alternate workers at each precinct. Alternates come in at the last minute to replace the poll workers in case of sickness, etc. Each worker and alternate have to be trained and ready to work.”

Greer and the board encourage registered voters of Adair County to serve their community as poll workers. Poll workers will be paid for Election Day and for attending a two-hour election school training. With the new HB574 Bill, most voters are eligible to work as poll workers, regardless of political affiliation. 

For more information about becoming a poll worker, please call The Adair County Clerk’s Office at 270-384 2801 or send an email to Lisa.Greer@ky.gov. Please respond as soon as possible.

Downey Eye Clinic
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