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SO RIGHT IT’S WRONG: Craig embraces the crazy

Craig puts on the tin-foil hat and leads readers on a wild ride on the conspiracy train

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Welcome all to this week’s edition of So Right It’s Wrong. I hope you have some tin-foil on hand because it’s time to make a hat, throw it on, and hop on the train to conspiracy city. 

Today, we are diving into those pesky, freedom-inhibiting three-lettered agencies and their nefarious practices. You know the ones: FBI, CIA, NSA, the Big Brother types. One and all, they present themselves as protectors of the people, but they are — in my view, and mostly behind the scenes — tools of control. How did these organizations come into such a position of power if they so clearly look rotten? The answer is that they manufactured a need for their “services.” And how did they manage this? I say they do it with a heap of help from state-controlled media and what is known as agents provocateurs and false flag operations. Hold on just a second while I tighten my tin foil. You might want to do the same.

Agents provocateurs, according to yours truly and several prominent YouTube scholars, are generally employees or sometimes people who are beholden to one of those Big Brother agencies. They’re brought into an already tense situation and push normal, mostly law-abiding citizens to commit acts they wouldn’t dream of doing on their own. Look at videos of the riots from the past few years, and if you search closely, you’ll find the same faces popping up at each one, or at least they look same to me judging by grainy video I watched on a small screen. I would judge that from Ruby Ridge in the early 1990’s to rioters burning down city blocks in 2020, there have been instigators introduced into the lives of regular citizens that lead them into dangerous and oftentimes illegal situations. 

Now, when a few, carefully placed provocateurs will not get the job done, occasionally the backdoor dealing agencies have to resort to manufacturing a scenario to set their plans into motion. Remember Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? I certainly remember the media pumping out information fed to them by government agencies and elected leaders, relaying the message that Saddam had such weapons. Our military’s effort to recover them yielded no such luck, almost as if they were never there in the first place. 

The problem was, we weren’t actually invading Iraq to search for catastrophic weapons, that was just a lie to gain public support for the war. What our government was truly in search of is rumored to be (a rumor that I certainly believe) the poppy fields for the production of opiates. The war essentially served to line the pockets of already-wealthy bureaucrats and politicians associated with the military industrial complex and pharmaceutical companies. This is a fantastic example of what a false flag operation is. 

You may be asking why I so strongly believe that these agencies and the media are using these tactics against us? I will admit, that when it comes to recent events, I can’t point to any rock-solid fact and use it to bolster your belief in what I am saying. If the most powerful intelligence and investigative agencies in the world are using underhanded tactics, they’d never allow that information to be bandied about while it’s relevant. They’ll likely declassify those types of files half a century later once they have accomplished their goal (or utterly failed). 

What I can do is point to situations in the past where the deed has already been done and their tactics have been disclosed to the public. In 1898, it is reported that the battleship Maine had been attacked by the Spanish, setting off the Spanish-American war. Once the shipwreck was investigated, divers learned that the explosion had actually generated inside of the ship. Fast forward to World War I, the Lusitania sank after taking a hit from a torpedo, killing 128 American passengers amongst the total 1,198 casualties. The U.S. government uses this as a springboard for gaining citizen support to join in the war, but the Lusitania was transporting military supplies as well as civilian passengers (which is illegal in the United States) making it a valid target for the German u-boat. Let’s jump ahead to the Vietnam War and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, where United States war ships are “victims” of “unprovoked attacks.” 

The list of “incidents” could go on and on about the multitude of times our government has outright lied about evidence or simply fabricated what they needed to gain our support for joining in endeavors that are not always in the best interest of the American people. I truly believe the public’s reaction to the Vietnam War is what brought about a more stealth approach to gaining the public’s consent to joining in foreign wars. 

For the readers that have observed the conspiracy community (the truther community as it’s known to insiders) as long or longer than I have, none of what I have said here is going to come as a shock or even be newsworthy. If we had the time, I would deep dive into every single event during my life that I feel may have been a false flag attack or the handiwork of agents provocateurs. Sadly, we don’t have that kind of time to invest in written form, but hopefully in the not-so-distant future, I can make the leap into a podcast here at The County Line and really dig into those topics. For now, I will leave you with a list, and you can do your own digging at your own pace and time:

  • Any mass shooting/terror attack where the culprit conveniently dies before they have to stand trial.
  • Any perceived act of war against the United States (think Iran blowing up an unmanned drone).
  • Anything reported as a war crime such as the article I mentioned last week about the Russian military using mobile crematoriums to cover up war crimes. 
  • The kidnapping plan of Gretchen Whitmer.

By now, you may be thinking I’ve gone off the rails (Editor’s Note: yep), but I assure you, this article is only going to get more weird the further down the line you ride that train to conspiracy city with me. As one of my favorites, Hunter S. Thompson, once said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” 

My goal here is to turn the weird into the norm and make us all pros at looking for the truth wherever it may be, however weird it might get. Don’t just assume everyone involved in a national incident is a domestic terrorist because they’re not. When you hear the news covering atrocities half a world away, don’t assume that everything your hearing is the unspun truth. The American people are too smart and capable to fall for these schemes then consent to giving up personal freedoms and sending our nation’s young men and women into battle to help line the pockets of warmongers. Keep a vigilant watch for anything that seems too convenient or inflammatory, and remember that if we are ever going to make a change for the better, we have to stick together. 

Until next time. 

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily represent those of this company or its owners (and surely many, many others). 

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