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“The Art of Binge Watching” is back this week with another slew of great programming choices, and remains dedicated to giving the readers the best possible options for time spent in front of the television. The interns and I have compiled quite a list this time around. The heat wave is coming, and we can’t spend as much time outside when the temperature is as high as a Nick Lachey boy band. After you leave whatever event you’re sweating it out at this weekend and finally get all of your aloe vera on, no need in channel surfing. I’ve already charted those waters for you. 


Dark Winds (Sunday, 8 p.m., AMC): I’m really excited about this one. If you’re familiar with “Fargo,” “Reservation Dogs” and “Longmire” then you’ll definitely know the star of “Dark Winds,” Zahn McClarnon. The show is a psychological thriller consisting of six episodes, with the season premiere Sunday night. “Dark Winds” takes over the Sunday time slot that has been formerly owned by “The Walking Dead” and that should tell you how excited AMC is about the new soon-to-be hit. The series follows two Navajo police officers as they trek through the southwest in the 1970s. Spiritual beliefs will be challenged to the greatest extent as the two officers try to track down clues in a double murder case. 

I’ve not said enough about Zahn McClarnon—he’s an amazing talent and if I’m guessing correctly, this will be a star making performance for him.


007: No Time to Die (Prime Video): We all know how this goes, the film starts with Bond, seeming to be at peace with himself, sipping Mai Tais on the beaches of Jamaica. I assure you it doesn’t end that way. Amazon is gifting us one this weekend with the streaming debut of this 2021 hit film and latest installment in the 007 series. Daniel Craig is always good and has done more for the 007 franchise than anyone in a very long time, but the show stealer, as usual, is Rami Malek. IF you’ve been keeping up with TAOBW, you’ll remember Malek from what I thought was the best work of 2020: “The Little Things” (currently streaming on HBO). 

The Gift (Netflix): If Jason Bateman is in it, I’m watching. Bateman over the past few years has been doing some of the best work of anyone in the industry. “The Gift” isn’t exactly brand new (2015) but was pretty much my first viewing of Bateman as something other than a funny guy. The performance that Bateman puts on in “The Gift” is what I feel like propels his career into a much more serious place. I haven’t even mentioned yet that opposing Bateman is Joel Edgerton (who also writes and directs this movie) in a chilling role that shows us how our perfect lives can be thrown into a tailspin when our past shows up at our door, with a gift.  

TMZ Presents Johnny Vs Amber: From Love to Hate (Hulu): I’m not going to spend anyone’s time giving my opinion on Johnny Vs Amber. Amber Heard is madder at Johnny Depp than anyone has been since he stole that story from John Turturro and moved to that cabin with the secret window. Amber Heard is madder at Johnny Depp than anyone has been since the headless horseman was chasing Ichabod Crane. Amber Heard is madder at Johnny Depp than Johnny Depp was at Johnny Depp after starring in that terrible remake of the Lone Ranger. 


NBA Finals (Friday, 8 p.m., ABC): A pivotal game 4 is upon us as the NBA finals take over our television screens this evening. The Boston Celtics are currently up 2-1 in the seven game series and have a big advantage by playing on their home court tonight. Basically, tonight’s game is really, really important: IF the Warriors lose tonight, they’ll be down 3-1 and will need to win three games in a row to win the NBA title. 

If the Warriors win tonight, they’ll only have to win two more games before they win the NBA title. Dynamite math, huh? Thanks, John Shelley. All jokes aside, the Celtics have outperformed my expectations for them throughout the playoffs, but now here they are, nearing the top of the mountain. Tonight’s game will be a must watch for any fan of pro sports. 

Belmont Stakes (Saturday, 4:00 p.m., NBC): There will be horses running around an oval around 4 p.m. on Saturday and one will defeat the others to win it. That’s pretty much how I feel about the Belmont Stakes when there’s no Triple Crown involved. After skipping out on the Preakness, Rich Strike (2022 Kentucky Derby winner) is looking to show the world that it wasn’t a fluke. Rich Strike entered the derby at 80-1 odds and will enter the Belmont Stakes at a much more respectable 7-2 favorite.

That’s all for this week—thanks for reading!

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Downey Eye Clinic
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