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We have a very special edition of TAOBW for your reading/viewing pleasure this week.

After receiving help from the interns, friends, local celebrities, and a few of avid readers, we are proud to present “The TAOBW’s list of shows and movies you should watch if you don’t have much going on in your life.”

This list isn’t necessarily about finding the absolute highest-rated or Oscar-worthy movie or show, but is instead based purely on the entertainment factor. The goal is to save you that 45 minutes you spend looking for something to watch when we all know you’re going to look at social media and pass out in 14 minutes anyway. 

This will be a basic checklist without details outside of their streaming platform due to us touching on several of these shows earlier this season on TAOBW. Once you’ve watched everything on this list and it’s the year 2028, after your robot serves you lunch and you drive around in a car that flies, you’ll be at peak binge-watching levels. Of course you’ll have to catch up on everything that came out between now and 2028. Good luck out there!  


* Bloodline- Netflix                                                 

* Ray Donovan- Peacock

* Ozark- Netflix                                                         

* Fargo- Hulu 

* You- Netflix                                                           

* Sons of Anarchy- Hulu 

* Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad- Netflix              

* Waco- Paramount+ 

* Inventing Anna- Netflix                                       

* Obi-Wan Kenobi- Disney+

* Severance- Apple                                                

* Mandalorian- Disney+

* See- Apple                                                             

* Moon Knight- Disney+

* Yellowstone- Peacock                                         

* The Boys- Prime 

* 1883- Paramount+                                              

* Succession- HBO

* Friday Night Lights- Peacock                             

* Big Little Lies- HBO

* Game of Thrones- HBO                                      

* Barry- HBO

* Winning Time- HBO                                           

* Ballers- HBO


* Glow- Netflix                                                     

* How I Met Your Mother- Hulu

* Bojack Horseman- Netflix                             

* You’re the Worst- Hulu

* I think You Should Leave- Netflix             

* Letterkenny- Hulu

* Ted Lasso- Apple                                       

* Last Man on Earth- Hulu

* Parks and Recreation- Peacock                 

* Broad City- Hulu 

* The Office- Peacock                                      

* Baskets- Hulu

* Modern Family- Peacock                            

* Freaks & Geeks- Hulu

* Atlanta- Hulu                                               

* Detroiters- Paramount+ 

* Dave- Hulu                                               

* Chappelle’s Show- Paramount+

* Brockmire- Hulu                                          

* Black-ish- Disney+

* Peacemaker- HBO                                        

* Curb Your Enthusiasm- HBO

* Righteous Gemstones- HBO                        

* Entourage- HBO 

* Eastbownd & Down- HBO                         

* Reno 911- HBO


* Mindhunter- Netflix                                        

* Marvel’s: The Punisher- Disney+

* The Killing- Hulu                                               

* Daredevil- Disney+ 

* Homecoming- Prime                                      

* Damages- Hulu 

* Only Murders in the Building- Hulu              

* The Wilds- Prime

* Lost- Hulu                                                         

* Sneaky Pete- Prime

* Fargo- Hulu                                                      

* Bosch- Prime

* Justified- Hulu                                                

* Banshee- HBO

* Prison Break- Hulu                                           

* White Lotus- HBO

* 9 Perfect Strangers- Hulu                               

* True Detective- HBO

* Damages- Hulu

Doc/True Crime     

* Fyre- Netflix                                                   

* Abducted in Plain Sight- Netflix                 

* Evil Genius- Netflix                                       

*  Staircase- Netflix                                          

* Don’t F With Cats- Netflix                           

* Crime Scene: The Hotel Cecil- Netflix       

* Big Conn- Apple                                            

* For Heaven’s Sake- Paramount+

* The Last Dance- Netflix 

* Class Action Park- HBO 


* The Haunting of Hill House- Netflix                                                                         

* Stranger Things- Netflix

* You- Netflix

* Black Bird- Apple

* American Horror Story- Hulu

* Lore- Paramount+

* Twilight Zone- Paramount+ 


* Hustle- Netflix                                        

* The Little Things- HBO

* Hell or High Water- Netflix                 

* The Gift- Netflix

* Michael Clayton- Netflix                     

* No Exit- Hulu

* The Departed- Netflix                          

* Fresh- Hulu

* Django Unchained- Netflix                  

* Pig- Hulu

* Windfall- Netflix                                    

* Prisoners- Hulu

* Project X- Netflix                                   

* That’s my Boy- Hulu 

* War Dogs- Netflix                                 

* 007: No Time to Die- Prime

* I Care A lot- Netflix                               

* Dune- HBO

* The Devil All the time- Netflix            

* Nobody- HBO 

Readers are encouraged to send suggestions for “The art of binge watching” and/or tell Jordan how you really feel about his what-to-watch picks via email at Jordanwillis5393@gmail.com

Downey Eye Clinic
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