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Woodcock says Rogers Explorers ‘well worth the experience’

'The entire experience itself was great.'

Asa Woodcock - Rogers Explorers
Asa Woodcock, an incoming freshman at Russell County High School, recently attended the three-day Rogers Explorers program at Asbury University.
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When Asa Woodcock finally had the chance to apply for the Rogers Explorers program during his eighth-grade year at Russell County Middle School, he jumped at it.

He had heard about the program before because it was something his sister, Natalie, did in 2017, and he knew it was something he would be interested in, too.

“It had just intrigued me, and I wanted the experience, too,” he said.

After coming back from Rogers Explorers, which he attended from July 6-8 at Asbury University, Woodcock was not disappointed in his decision.

“The entire experience itself was great,” he said.

Even though it was only a three-day, two-night stay at Asbury, Woodcock was impressed with how many activities they were able to do during his time on campus.

The program started off with a “get-to-know-you activity” that involved throwing a tennis ball around and participants introducing themselves.

Then, each of the students moved into their dorms and had leisure time with “all kinds of games.” 

The next morning, Woodcock and his group were able to do some community service.

“We helped the local church clean and do maintenance,” he said.

After lunch, they attended their major courses.

“I was in the group that had media,” Woodcock said. “We had a tour of the Miller Communications Building, and then we did our own ‘newscast.’”

The newscast, Woodcock said, was the most memorable part of his time at Rogers Explorers.

“This was my favorite because we got to make our own news from things we found throughout the tour that day,” he said.

The next day, the participants got to take part in a low ropes course.

“It was an amazing teamwork activity,” Woodcock said. “We had to guide each other through ropes and obstacles to the other side, and overall, (we) had a great time.”

After hearing about some of the missions that are currently happening at NASA, the group made a final presentation on their experience and had a graduation ceremony before “we all parted our separate ways.”

Woodcock, an incoming freshman at Russell County High School, said his time in the program was “great” and that he feels encouraged to apply for one of The Center for Rural Development’s other youth programs, Rogers Scholars, when he gets the chance later in his high school career.

“If Rogers Explorers was this much fun, then Rogers Scholars must be even better,” Woodcock said.

He added that he would urge any eighth-grader to apply for Rogers Explorers when they have the opportunity.

“The friends that you can make and the fun that you can have is 100 percent worth applying for,” Woodcock said. “It’s well worth the experience.”

Asa is the son of Jason and Cynthia Woodcock, and Khari Gaskins.

The Rogers Explorers program is an intensive three-day, two-night program focused on cultivating skills in leadership, technology, math, science, and community service.  It is developed, coordinated, and supervised by The Center for Rural Development in partnership with University of the Cumberlands, Lindsey Wilson College, Eastern Kentucky University, Morehead State University, Asbury University, University of Pikeville, and Union College.

Stories for all four Russell County students who attended Rogers Explorers — Woodcock, Marlei DeVore, Ella Pierce, and Laila Hammond — will be featured on The County Line in the coming days.

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